Gardenscape Arbor by New England Woodworks
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Gardenscape Arbor by New England Woodworks

February 7, 2013

Why spend more for an inferior Garden Arbor when you can get the highest quality Western Red Cedar Gardenscape Garden Arbor.

The Gardenscape Garden Arbor from New England Woodworks

Others may claim to offer a low cost garden arbor, but when you open your package what you see is what you get: a cheap, inferior product. These sellers use only 2X4's for posts and metal or plastic brackets to up it up, still without structural merit.

This is opposed to our quality product with our overbuilt design, utilizing solid 4X4X8' posts designed to go 30" into the ground, as to not be blown over by the next Nor'easter . . .

Beautifully design with your custom gardenscape in mind, the Gardenscape Garden Arbor is perfect for climbing flowers and ivies and is ready to paint or stain any color you wish.

February 20, 2017
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December 14, 2016
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November 6, 2016
A common question customers ask is “How should I install the cedar posts for proper support of an Arbor.”
Our recommendation is to dig the hole a minimum of 24” deep (up to 30” deep) and twice as...
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