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Gloucester Gull Ultra-Light Rowing Dory

January 8, 2013

Designed by Phil Bolger, Enhanced by: "Dynamite" Payson


A finely crafted classic made of Redwood, White Oak & Western Red Cedar

Length: 15'6" Beam: 48"

Approximate weight (unrigged/unpainted) 82 #'s!

Ultra Light Rowing Dory by New England Woodworks

Per ON THE WATER Magazine (January 2006) 'with a set of eight foot oars, ittears through the water like an aquatic cheetah - this thing eats Kayaks for lunch!"

A seaworthy skiff, with a rich Northeastern Atlantic fishing history, that is easy to row and affordable, with over 100 tried and proven built.

1 Demo Dory available:

The dory on the website and available for sale was the second of the two we built.  It is all white oak, redwood and western red cedar with a natural varnished hull inside (Spar Marine Gloss) and fiberglassed (west system) and marine painted (red) hull.  Fitted it out with a chromed bronze mooring eye in the bow, folding bronze oar locks with sculptured spruce "Spoon" oars with sewn on leather protection with rubber stops.  "Demo" Dory is slightly sea trailed and is coast guard inspected and registered.

Additional items included are: 2 redwood rod holders, gel trolling battery, used electric trolling motor with custom wood motor mount, boat cover.

A $3500 value, asking $1750.

Trailex Aluminum Trailer with Spare Tire +$750 OBO

Ultra Light Rowing Dory

Ultra Light Rowing Dory

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