How is a wooden driveway gate shipped by New England Woodworks?
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How New England Woodworks ships your Wooden Driveway Gate

October 10, 2014

It takes a considerable amount of time and materials to prepare a custom wooden cedar driveway gate for shipping.

First, we start with 4 pallets.

Driveway Gate Packing Step 1

 Then the 4 pallets are secured with OSB plywood sheathing and screwed together.

Driveway Gate Packing 2

Next we add 1 of 3 layers of styrafoam padding.

Driveway Gate Packing Step 2

Then 1 leaf of the gate is secured into place.

Driveway Gate Packing Step 4

And another layer of styrafoam padding is set into place.

Driveway Gate Packing Step 6

Then the 2nd leaf of the driveway gate is secured into place.

Driveway Gate Packing Step 5

Then another layer of styrafoam padding is added and everything is strapped together.

Driveway Gate Packing Step 7

Then we start to button up the crate with frame and side/end pieces.

Driveway Gate Packing Step 8

And finally the cover sheets are screwed into place.

Driveway Gate Cover Sheets

The gate is ready for shipping.

Ready to Ship!

This is how the gate should look when it arrives via motor carrier. Damage is unusual but when it happens we need to protect our rights. Notify us immediately if your gate arrives damaged.

Do not let the driver leave until you have a chance to thoroughly inspect the gate and make exception on the Bill of Lading for any damage to the gate. It is always best to photograph the crate before opening and any damage to the gate as evidence.

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