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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with a complete Arbor Kit?

Components of a New England Woodworks Arbor
Dimensions of a New England Woodworks 4x4 Arbor
Dimensions of a New England Woodworks 5x5 Arbor
Arbor Assembly Instructions

What is included with a Mailbox Post Kit?

All Mailbox Post Kits shipped primed with fabricated posts, crossarms, braces, decorative top, mailbox support board (1" x 7-3/4" x 15-3/4") and all necessary rust resistant hardware.

How do I assemble a Mailbox Post Kit?

Mailbox Post Kit assembly instrucitons

How should a cedar post be installed in the ground for proper support of an Arbor, Lantern Post or Mailbox Post?

Cedar Post Installation

How do I install a lantern post sleeve?

Installing a Lantern Post Sleeve

How do I attach a walkway gate to my arbor?

Installing a Walkway Gate

How are your products delivered?

Standard orders ship FedEx Ground.

How We Ship Wooden Driveway Gates

How do I install my driveway gate?

Driveway Gate Installation Recommendations

What kind of paint should I use if I choose to paint my cedar product?

We recommend Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Acrylic Coating.

How do I protect the cedar in the ground?

Degradation of a wooden post is caused by fungal growth when soil comes in contact with the post. Even set in a concrete base fungi can degrade a post. Fungal growth requires oxygen and moisture to thrive. We offer a thick rubber self stick membrane that acts as a barrier between the damp soil and the post preventing rot.

See "Protective Post Wrap"

Lantern Posts - What does "wire ready" mean?

There is a hole (approximately 3/4" x 1") that runs down the center of the lantern post.

Lantern Posts - What size is the lantern receptacle post cap?

An industry standard 3" lantern receptacle post cap is provided with all New England Woodworks lantern posts and lantern post sleeves.

Lantern Posts - How is the lantern receptacle post cap attached to the top of the post?

The lantern receptacle post cap should be screwed on (not glued) in the event it needs to be removed.

Lantern Posts - What is the difference between 94" posts and a lantern post sleeve?

Our 94" Posts are designed to go directly into the ground.

Lantern Post Sleeves fit over your pre-existing foundation post.

Nominal Size - "Nominal size" used for lumber dimensions.

The approximate or roughcut dimension by which lumber is called and sold in trade, but which differs from the actual dimension. Example: a finished (dressed) 'two by four' piece is less than 2 inches thick and less than 4 inches wide. 2x4 is the "nominal size".

How do I purchase these beautiful products?

The most cost effective way to purchase is to order online.

Must I order online to get free shipping?

Yes, no phone orders.

How quickly do you ship orders?

Typically within 48 hours.

How soon will I receive my order?

Typically in one week.

What is your Product Warranty?

Warranted against manufacturing defects.

Disclaimer: Redwood and Western Cedar are wood species that, although the most stable of all softwoods, still may show drying checks when used in the constantly changing outdoor environment. Both may also crack, split, cup, warp or splinter, non of which are manufacturing defects.

What is your Return Policy? 

  • Damage claims must be reported within 5 days of receipt.
  • To submit a return request email the reason for claim (supported with photos) to newood123@yahoo.com.
  • Retain original packaging material for return.
  • Insure for full value.
  • Ship product(s) to address listed in response email. 

If return is a damage claim: We will issue a call tag to have item(s) picked up for return to our shop. Upon receipt and inspection of damaged product(s), replacement(s) will be shipped.

If return is for credit or exchange: Upon receipt and inspection of item(s), if in new condition for resale we will issue a refund less 15% restocking/repackaging.

What should I do if I have other questions?

Email your questions to info@newenglandwoodworks.com.
December 22, 2020
New Englander, Dualie, Gardener and Elegant MBP kits

Note: Most assembly should be completed before setting the post in the hole.
On the main post locate the pre-drilled dowel pin holes for the crossarms.
Place dowel...
November 18, 2020
Our most challenging project yet!
Azek radius rails with a sweep.
We included a concealed aluminum frame inside the bottom rail.
And of course the customer needed four sets.
by New England Woodworks
September 15, 2020

On sale: Garden Arbor

4x4x48" complete Garden Arbor kit
  All "natural" dry, clear grade western red cedar
  4x4x94" cedar posts, 2x8 rafters, 4x4 crossarms and 2' x 5' square lattice
Hand Crafted in the U.S. Heartland
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