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How To Install A Lantern Post Sleeve

September 1, 2020

PT Wooden Post

To install a 6x6x72" Cedar (or Azek) or a 8x8x72" Cedar Lantern Post "Sleeve" you will need to purchase locally a 4x4x8' P.T. wooden post (pick a straight one). This is the foundation post. Secure it 26-30" into the ground with 2 bags of concrete.

Slide the Lantern Post Sleeve over the foundation post and secure in place with six+ 2-1/2" wood deck screws (not included.)  Drill pilot holes first.

Alternatively you can use PVC pipe for your foundation post. We recommend the following:

° 6X6 Cedar Fluted Lantern Post:  

6X6 Cedar Fluted Lantern Post by New England Woodworks

A 2" white H.D. PVC pipe (O.S. Dia. 2-5/8")

You will need to use shims as spacers inside with PVC or have the lumber yard rip down the P.T. to 3" x 3".

This Lantern Post has 3-1/8" x 3-1/8" Inside Opening 

° 6X6 Azek Lantern Post:  

        Azek Lantern Post with Raised Panel Base

A 3" white H.D. PVC pipe (O.S. Dia. 3-5/8") Either PVC or the P.T. 4x4 is a good fit "as is" all our Azek.

Lantern Posts have 3-7/8" x 3-7/8" Inside Opening 

° 8X8 Cedar Fluted Lantern Post Sleeve

8X8 Cedar Fluted Lantern Post by New England Woodworks

or Raised Panel Lantern Post Sleeve:  

8X8 Raised Panel Lantern Post by New England Woodworks

A 4" white H.D. PVC Pipe (O.S. Dia. 4-1/2") A tight fit so put a little soap and water on the PVC before sliding on this Lantern Post.

Lantern Post has 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Inside Opening

The white PVC pipe is available at all home centers in 10' lengths.

You will also need 2 bags, 80#, concrete and 2-1/2" flathead wood deck screws.

December 22, 2020
New Englander, Dualie, Gardener and Elegant MBP kits

Note: Most assembly should be completed before setting the post in the hole.
On the main post locate the pre-drilled dowel pin holes for the crossarms.
Place dowel...
November 18, 2020
Our most challenging project yet!
Azek radius rails with a sweep.
We included a concealed aluminum frame inside the bottom rail.
And of course the customer needed four sets.
by New England Woodworks
September 15, 2020

On sale: Garden Arbor

4x4x48" complete Garden Arbor kit
  All "natural" dry, clear grade western red cedar
  4x4x94" cedar posts, 2x8 rafters, 4x4 crossarms and 2' x 5' square lattice
Hand Crafted in the U.S. Heartland
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