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How To Install A Lantern Post Sleeve

August 28, 2014

PT Wooden Post

To install a 6x6x72" Cedar (or Azek) or a 8x8x72" Cedar Lantern Post "Sleeve" you will need to purchase locally a 4x4x8' P.T. wooden post (pick a straight one). This is the foundation post. Secure it 26-30" into the ground with 2 bags of concrete.

Slide the Lantern Post Sleeve over the foundation post and secure in place with six+ 2-1/2" wood deck screws (not included.)  Drill pilot holes first.

Alternatively you can use PVC pipe for your foundation post. We recommend the following:

° 6X6 Cedar Fluted Lantern Post:  

6X6 Cedar Fluted Lantern Post by New England Woodworks

A 2" white H.D. PVC pipe (O.S. Dia. 2-5/8")

You will need to use shims as spacers inside with PVC or have the lumber yard rip down the P.T. to 3" x 3".

This Lantern Post has 3-1/8" x 3-1/8" Inside Opening 

° 6X6 Azek Lantern Post:  

        Azek Lantern Post with Raised Panel Base

A 3" white H.D. PVC pipe (O.S. Dia. 3-5/8") Either PVC or the P.T. 4x4 is a good fit "as is" all our Azek.

Lantern Posts have 3-7/8" x 3-7/8" Inside Opening 

° 8X8 Cedar Fluted Lantern Post Sleeve

8X8 Cedar Fluted Lantern Post by New England Woodworks

or Raised Panel Lantern Post Sleeve:  

8X8 Raised Panel Lantern Post by New England Woodworks

A 4" white H.D. PVC Pipe (O.S. Dia. 4-1/2") A tight fit so put a little soap and water on the PVC before sliding on this Lantern Post.

Lantern Post has 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Inside Opening

The white PVC pipe is available at all home centers in 10' lengths.

You will also need 2 bags, 80#, concrete and 2-1/2" flathead wood deck screws.

November 8, 2018
Designer Lantern Post Sleeves made of 3/4" Azek Cellular PVC. Brilliant white or paint any color you desire.

6x6x72" Azek Lantern Post Sleeve with Base Trim

6x6x72" Azek Lantern Post Sleeve with 24" Plain Base
March 9, 2018

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