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Installation recommendations for wooden driveway gates

February 20, 2017

The following checklist is designed to prepare you for installation of your Driveway Gate


The first consideration on installation of a driveway gate must be thought out before the gate is even ordered.  New England Woodworks gates are the actual size of the gate, i.e., 14’ gate is within ½” of 14’ wide.  However, because our concealed welded stainless steel frame cedar gates are 4-1/8” overall thick, the gate needs a minimum of 1” clearance for “swing” room; to assure the 2 wings of the gate don’t hit the middle when opening.  Also the stainless steel ball bearing hinges welded to the stainless steel frame are exposed, and the adjustable post hardware combined needs a minimum of 2" on each side.

Therefore a 14’ gate requires a 14’ 6” minimum opening between columns.  Using our decorative fluted or raised panel columns will add an additional 19” to the overall equation (for two 10x10 decorative columns).  These sleeves allow for a pressure treated 6x6 or 6x6 steel foundation posts to be “inside” as the foundation post.

The minimum outside size required for the above scenario is 16’ 3”.

Typical installation involves:

  1.  Doing the math “backwards” with the actual driveway dimensions available & selecting the appropriate size gate.

  2. Determine the proper location of the “foundation” posts & digging the holes 5’ deep (below natural grade) (calling the local utilities & / or safe dig is required well in advance for “safe” markings.)

  3. Place the foundation posts, in the holes and double checking calculations for proper alignment, secure posts in that location, plumb and straight.  Use a suitable amount of concrete in and around the foundation posts to support the cantilever and wind effect the gate will load on the posts.  Allow the concrete to thoroughly cure.

  4. Several days later recheck calculations & confirm post placement and plumb.  Slide decorative sleeves over foundation posts.  Screw in place from “INSIDE” area of gate mounting location.

  5. Hold gate in position and mark on columns location of gate hardware.  Use of a laser level will confirm “parallel” placement of adjacent post hardware.

  6. Hold adjustable gate hardware in place at the appropriate marked location and drill (4) four 5/16” pilot holes thru cedar sleeves.

  7. Drill an 11/16” center hold for the J-Bolt pin with a 6” long paddle bit.

  8. Drill (4) four 1/4” pilot holes in wood foundation posts.  (steel foundation posts will require special taps.)

  9. Purchase 5/16”x6” stainless lag bolts * use four (4) of these per gate hinge plate.

  10. Re-install the 3/4” J-Bolt Pins (provided with the New England Woodworks optional adjustable gate hardware kit).  Screw to within 2-4 turns from all the way in.

  11. Hang the gates on the J-Bolts and confirm 1” space in center meeting point of the 2 gate wings, that gates are level and same height in center as each other.

  12. If above is not acceptable, one or both gate wings need to be taken off the J-Bolts and J-Bolts may be screwed in or out to adjust the center height of the 2 gate wings.

December 22, 2020
New Englander, Dualie, Gardener and Elegant MBP kits

Note: Most assembly should be completed before setting the post in the hole.
On the main post locate the pre-drilled dowel pin holes for the crossarms.
Place dowel...
November 18, 2020
Our most challenging project yet!
Azek radius rails with a sweep.
We included a concealed aluminum frame inside the bottom rail.
And of course the customer needed four sets.
by New England Woodworks
September 15, 2020

On sale: Garden Arbor

4x4x48" complete Garden Arbor kit
  All "natural" dry, clear grade western red cedar
  4x4x94" cedar posts, 2x8 rafters, 4x4 crossarms and 2' x 5' square lattice
Hand Crafted in the U.S. Heartland
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