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Quality lineup of AZEK lantern post sleeves from New England Woodworks

November 8, 2018

Designer Lantern Post Sleeves made of 3/4" Azek Cellular PVC. Brilliant white or paint any color you desire.

Plain Azek Lantern Post with Base Trim

6x6x72" Azek Lantern Post Sleeve with Base Trim

Azek Lantern Post with 24" Plain Base

6x6x72" Azek Lantern Post Sleeve with 24" Plain Base

Azek Lantern Post with 24" Genuine Recessed Panel Base

6x6x72" Azek Lantern Post Sleeve with 24" Genuine Recessed Panel Base



Two classsic Azek cellular PVC lantern posts in our largest size: 7-1/2" x 7-1/2" x 76" tall. Both "never rot" Azek lantern post sleeves feature genuine recessed panels on all four sides.

Azek Lantern Post Sleeve

All Azek 8x8x76" Genuine Recessed Panel (2x/side) Lantern Post Sleeve

All Azek Lantern Post Sleeve

All Azek 8x8x76" Tappered Design Lantern Post Sleeve with Genuine Recessed Panels



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April 15, 2022
A New England Pergola Arbor by New England Woodworks will seemlessly integrate into your exisiting landscape design. Shown below with spindle walkway gate.

We feature a number of Cedar Arbors to suit your needs. Perhaps...
August 23, 2021
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December 22, 2020
New Englander, Dualie, Gardener and Elegant MBP kits

Note: Most assembly should be completed before setting the post in the hole.
On the main post locate the pre-drilled dowel pin holes for the crossarms.
Place dowel...
Hand Crafted in the U.S. Heartland
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