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Installing a Lantern Post Sleeve

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Installing a Lantern Post Sleeve

To install a lantern post "sleeve" you will need to purchase locally a galvanized steel pipe, 2 bags of Quikrete (concrete) and flathead screws. This becomes your foundation post.

Secure the foundation post 36"(+/-) in the ground with the 2 bags of concrete.

Then slide the lantern post sleeve over the foundation post and secure in place with the screws, drilling pilot holes first.

Galvanized steel pipe foundation post sizes:

For a 6x6 cedar fluted lantern post sleeve: 2" galvanized steel pipe (O.S. Dia. 2-5/8")(6x6 lantern post sleeves have a 3" x 3" inside opening)

For a 6x6 Azek post sleeve: 3" galvanized steel pipe (O.S. Dia. 3-5/8") (will be a good fit "as is")

For an 8x8 Azek post sleeve: 4" galvanized steel pipe (O.S. Dia. 4-1/2") (8x8 Azek post sleeves have a 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" inside opening)

For an 8x8 cedar fluted or raised panel lantern post sleeve: 3" galvanized steel pipe (O.S. Dia. 3-5/8") (8x8 lantern post sleeves have a 4" x 4" inside opening)

Alternate foundation post - for 6x6 or 8x8 Azek and 8x8 cedar post sleeves - purchase locally a pressure treated wood post.

Finial Post Cap Drilled On

The lantern receptacle post cap should be screwed on (not glued) in the event it needs to be removed.

Caulking Lantern Post Base

Do not allow water to constantly get inside posts.

Finished Caulked Base

Seal out moisture and bugs with a quality caulk.

Finished Lantern Post Installation

A coat of acrylic latex paint also helps protect and conceal.


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